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Creating the Ideal Bespoke Frames for Mirrors in Glasgow

Finding the perfect frame for a mirror involves much more than looking at the size. When you’re paying for a custom frame, it’s likely you also want something special from the design. 


Along with where you replace a mirror in a room, the right frame can give a huge boost to your interior design. Mirrors are renowned for creating the illusion of a bigger room. However, they can also add personality and style to your space. 


You might want a frame that seamlessly blends in with your aesthetics, or one which makes a statement. 

Bespoke Frames for Mirrors in Glasgow.png

As with a picture frame, you must look at how a mirror will be hung. We’re happy to discuss any special hanging hardware being incorporated into the design. 


What is the style of your room in Glasgow?


Is it modern, traditional, rustic or has an eclectic range of influences? The Little Framing Company can create a bespoke mirror frame which complements your unique style. Although a mirror has no colour of its own, you want the frame to match or complement the colours of your room. 


When measuring your mirror, it’s important to not only look at the widest and height but the thickness of the glass. Our team can then work with you to create a design that fits exactly. We produce both thin and thick frames, with thinner designs ideal if you’re after a delicate and contemporary appearance. Meanwhile thicker frames can provide a traditional feel.


Along with the colour and size, we can create bespoke frames in a range of materials. Whether you love the look of wood, metal or another material, we’ll ensure it meets your specifications. For instance, if you have an industrial-style room, you might want a sleek, metal frame. 

Frames for Mirrors in Glasgow.png

Consider the texture and finish of the frame. 


For instance, ‘distressed’ wood is excellent for adding character to a room. Meanwhile, a modern metal frame is brilliant for a modern room. Another place to look is at the shape. 


The Little Framing Company can create bespoke frames in Glasgow that are all types of shapes, from rectangular, oval, and round to custom shapes. Our work includes set sizes with bevelled edges that provide a lovely special finish. 


We attract customers from across the local area, including Newton Mearns, Glasgow Southside and Clarkston.


You might also want to consider ornamentation. 


One of our specialities is handmade bobbin frames which look quirky and unique. No matter if you’re after a simple frame or one with ornate details, we create mirror frames for all kinds of settings. 


Working with customers throughout Glasgow, The Little Framing Company can provide samples of paints and our previous frames. This will help you visualise how a frame will look in your home. We work with people on all kinds of budgets and are always happy to provide a free, no obligation quote. 


Above all, you want a custom mirror frame that you love looking into every day. Along with selling custom frames at our shop, we also deliver products from our Etsy store. Why take a look through our gallery to see what we can achieve?


If you’re looking for creators of custom frames in Glasgow, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information. 

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