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Custom Picture Frames Handmade By Experts In Glasgow

Want to enhance your picture with a bespoke frame?


All professional artists know the value of having a quality frame. However, your choice of framing can also make a massive difference to a photograph or mirror. It has the ability to transform even a plain picture into a statement piece. 


A bespoke picture frame will do justice to fine artwork, ensuring that it’s protected from dust, moisture and other potential damage. It’s therefore brilliant for preservation and can help stop your picture from fading, becoming discoloured.


When investing in artwork, most people prefer it to already be framed, so it can add to the value of your picture. The same is true for posters and mirrors.


Above is an example of one of the many creative designs we can produce. This particular frame was produced for a boy’s bedroom and was given as a gift for his birthday. 


The Little Framing Company can produce customised frames that are the result of the finest craftsmanship. 


Our bespoke frames are excellent for improving the presentation of any artwork or photograph, whether it’s professional or done by a beginner artist in Glasgow. We’re able to produce frames in various designs, materials, and finishes, enabling you to customise and match the surrounding decor or personal taste.


Our services also include:


  • stretching canvases

  • framing sports shirts and memorabilia

  • framing objects of all shapes and sizes

  • cutting replacement glass and new mounts for old frames.


Frames draw attention to your artwork in the most effective way.


That’s because they accentuate the edges and help to direct a viewer towards the subject at hand. They can also enhance the overall presentation by adding depth and dimension.


Bespoke frames can prove invaluable for interior designers looking to create a specific look. 


Located in the heart of Glasgow, we produce frames for people from a wide range of backgrounds, including artists, interior designers, photographers and much more. No matter the size of your picture, no project is too big or small for us. The only thing we ask is that it’s not too big to get out of the door!

Our popular products include our handmade bobbin frames. 


We also regularly make up mirrors in a number of set sizes which come with bevelled edges to make them extra special. Simply browse our gallery to see what we can achieve. Our expert team can produce frames in all kinds of colours, materials, styles and sizes. 


Want to know more? We’re happy to give you a free, no obligation quote via email, by phone or in person at our workshop. It’s quick and easy to book a consultation on our website so we can talk through your exact requirements. 

If you’re interested in our handmade, bespoke frames in Glasgow, simply contact our team for more information.

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