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Why Use Our Bespoke Framing Services In Glasgow?

Framing a picture not only makes it easier to display in your home, it offers many other benefits.


For starters, it’s a wonderful tool for directing people’s attention to your artwork or photograph. In many cases, a quality frame provides a better perspective of a scene. It’s like giving the viewer a window into the world you want them to enter. 


A frame often has the ability to make your picture come alive.


It will make it look instantly more professional, appealing and intriguing. There’s a reason artists frame their pictures before selling them; it is a big selling point. Not only that, it enhances a picture’s aesthetic appeal and increases its perceived value.


People want to purchase artwork that can be instantly hung on their wall, not have to spend hours searching for a frame themselves.


If you’ve invested in a beautiful piece of artwork, a custom frame with glass will protect it from damage. 


As the recent eco protests have demonstrated, a layer of glass serves well to safeguard precious artwork. When activists recently targeted paintings by Van Gogh using Heinz soup, the art itself was fortunately completely protected from damage. A frame can also protect against UV rays that have a devastating effect on artwork and photos.


Although it’s easy to buy readymade frames online, a bespoke frame will truly do your picture justice. 


Both in terms of the size and the choice of material, it will complement the artwork or decoration. Our bespoke framing services in Glasgow will provide you with a frame that’s tailormade for your needs. We listen closely to the needs of our valued clients and look to surpass your expectations.


Custom framing is all about achieving the best possible results. These are the kinds of frames that should last a lifetime. They’ll also add style and personality to your room.


The Little Framing Company makes it easier to get a frame customised to reflect your requirements. 


No matter if you need a framing for artwork, a mirror or family portrait, we would love to help. Whether you’re after a large and colourful frame, or small ornate design, we can meet your specific needs. Our personalised frames come in all shapes and sizes.

Our bespoke framing services in Glasgow are ideal for artists, photographers, or anyone who has purchased a painting they need framed. 


Work includes creating statement pieces, like our tea cakes inspired frame.


This is just one example of the creative and inventive luxury frames we produce. Like all our frames, it was handmade by our talented team.


We’re located in Glasgow, a city famous for its arts and crafts movement. 


With our services, it’s easy to introduce unique decorative features to your home or business. Before contacting our team, you might want to research the colour, texture, and style that you want to achieve with the framing of the photo. Alternatively, our experts are always happy to offer ideas.


Our products include handmade bobbin mirrors that are incredibly stylish and can be made in any size, colour and finish you want. We also offer mount cutting and readymade frames in various sizes. Since we’re able to offer a free quotation, it’s easy to move your project forward.

Find out more about our bespoke framing services in Glasgow or drop us a line today.

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