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Custom-Framing For Customers In And Around Glasgow

A specially-framed picture can make a lovely Christmas gift for any loved-one. 

If you’re located near Newton Mearns, Glasgow Southside or Clarkston, our custom picture framing could be the ideal solution this season. Our team can carry out a wide range of bespoke framing, including those for artwork and mirrors.


Perhaps you wish to give someone a favourite photograph, poster or original artwork in a bespoke frame. Whatever your objectives, our team would love to help. 


Our wide range of services include:


  • Bespoke framing including simple black and white poster frames, hand-painted bobbin mirrors and much more. We can frame all kinds of pictures and objects, from paintings and photographs to cross stitches, embroideries and memorabilia.

  • Frames for mirrors of all sizes. Whether you’re after a pre-finished frame or bespoke design, we can use any paint brand to match colours in your home. 

  • Readymade frames. This is a quicker and cheaper option if you don’t wish to invest in a bespoke design. You can be assured that all are crafted in our workshop in Glasgow and are of the finest quality.

  • Mount cutting in a range of colours and textures. 

  • Glass cutting and repairs. Perhaps you’ve moved home recently and discovered a shattered picture frame. No problem- we can ensure it’s repaired as soon as possible. Options include UV glass, anti reflective glass and museum glass.

Why give someone a bespoke framed picture?


This type of personalised gift is much more moving than a generic present. A bespoke framed picture could enhance a special moment, a cherished memory, or something deeply meaningful to the recipient, making it a wonderful keepsake.


The Little Framing Company can provide you with that personalised touch. 


A custom framed picture shows that you've invested time and effort to select or create something specifically for the person. It demonstrates a personal touch that will be highly appreciated.


Working with clients throughout Glasgow, The Little Framing Company can provide frames to all kinds of decor and aesthetics. 


Framed pictures are excellent for enhancing the aesthetics of a space. We can ensure that the image, frame, and overall presentation complement the recipient's style and the place it will be displayed.


Along with being wonderful for Christmas, they’re great for commemorating milestone birthdays or special celebrations like graduations, anniversaries, or birthdays. 

Unique and one-of-a-kind picture framing. 


Bespoke gifts benefit from being completely original. As you’ll see from our Scottish teacake design above, we can take inspiration from all kinds of places!


One of our frames can be customised to reflect your loved-one’s preferences, providing them with a one-of-a-kind present that can't be replicated. Better yet, a long-lasting frame will be a lasting reminder of the bond between you. 


Whether it's a family portrait, a scenic photograph, artwork, or any image that holds significance, our framing adds an extra touch of elegance and presentation, making it a meaningful and visually appealing gift.


Where will you find us?


Our shop is based in Clarkside, Glasgow, where our small team work on a range of projects. From the initial design consultation stage, through the manufacturing process, we promise a supportive service throughout your project. Why not explore our gallery to see what we can achieve?


We’re committed to providing a friendly service, expert advice and professional craftsmanship, all at competitive, affordable prices.

Find out more about our picture framing in Glasgow Southside. Or simply contact our friendly team today.

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